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Jim & Joyce Hall
Toms Brook, VA









Welcome to Posey Thisisit Llama Farm - (540) 436–3517

Posey Thisisit Llama FarmPosey Thisisit Llama Farm is a 27-acre farm located in the beautiful Northern Shenandoah Valley between Massanutten and Little North Mountains. We are bordered on the east by Blue Ridge Berry Farm and Orchard and on the west by North Mountain Vineyard.

Although we are no longer breeding llamas, we have, in the past, bred some of the best llamas available anywhere. We have carefully chosen our females for personality and conformation and personally select the male each female is bred to, in order to ensure people-friendly, show quality llamas - thus producing llamas our buyers can justifiably be proud of when purchasing llamas from us. We think that after seeing our herd you will agree! Each and every llama is an excellent representative of breed.

It's a family affair!

It’s a Family Affair” (left) the Brown Llama is Momma (Butterscotch Mink), the big and black and white one is Daddy (Phantom of Toms Brook), the small little fuzzy eared llama is the Cria, (Miss Virginia Sweetpea).

Miss Virginia SweetpeaMiss Virginia Sweetpea (right), at a month old who is now heading to a farm in Edinburgh, Virginia.

Miss MystiqueMiss Mystique (lower left) has been adopted by a young lady named Allison. Ally lives in California and comes back to Miss Tiki, a couple of times a year. Tiki sends Ally notes and letters throughout the year for special occasions and just when she misses Ally.

We run and operate our farm and have raised llamas since 1995. We have llamas for Sale, for Show, as well as Pets and Females for breeding. Come see for yourself! Plus we will board Your Llamas you've bought from us. Working with new Breeders and sharing our information is part of our farm operation.

Have added woolly sheep to our wool producing animals as well and have their wool, yarn and wool products on the farm!

Call and get your farm tour set up for a date with our llamas and sheep.
(540) 436–3517
754 Harrisville Road
Toms Brook, VA 22660

Directions to Our Farm: Interstate 81 to Toms Brook Exit 291

Email: llamasjh@gmail.com

Last updated Apr 22, 2012